Big Pine, CA

If you've lived in the Big Pine, CA area for as long as we have, you know just as well as we do that the summers here can get pretty darn hot. That's why we here at Bishop Radiator and Auto Repair are giving you a reminder that it's time to give us a call for your springtime tune-up. Not only do we service radiators, but we can also check your thermostat, change your oil, fine-tune your cooling system, and virtually anything else that you might need to be looked at. You put a lot of time and money into your vehicle. Don't leave it at risk of overheating and breakdowns! Let a member of our professional, experienced staff take a look at your car. We can let you know exactly what you need to get yourself, and your vehicle, ready for whatever Mother Nature might bring.

Whether you've got a malfunctioning thermostat or a busted radiator, we can take care of any problems that might prevent you from getting where you need to go. Remember, we don't just service radiators. At Bishop, we offer a full-service auto care service. This ranges, from oil changes to coolant service, and many more. Make us your local one-stop auto repair and maintenance shop! Don't put all the time and money that you invest into your vehicle at risk! Talk to one of our friendly and courteous staff members today and schedule an appointment so that we can talk to you about what your car needs for the upcoming season.

Whether it's brake service, oil changes, and beyond, Bishop has exactly what you need to keep your car on the road safely! So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to set up a service appointment. You definitely will not regret it!